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Kate Thorson, NCIDQ


Kate earned her Bachelor of Interior Design degree from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design.  With nearly a decade of professional practice under her belt, her innate optimism and collaborative attitude has galvanized project teams towards creative solutions to even the most vexing design challenges. A Kansas City native, her life-long passion, and family tradition, for ceramic arts manifests in a natural ability to weave together color, texture, proportion, and function to craft spaces that articulate identity, tell compelling visual stories, and cultivate belonging.

Prior to joining TEF, Kate spent five years specializing in workplace solutions and building repositioning, honing her programming and space planning muscle and vast knowledge of materials, furnishings and fixtures.  Her expertise in this area has enabled clients – ranging from regional public institutions to distinguished non-profit organizations – to navigate change with pragmatic agility. For her, the post-pandemic disruption to workplace culture is a rare opportunity to reimagine spaces by forefronting human-centered design, equity, health, and ecology.  Notable examples of this include the Haas Jr. Foundation headquarters and her work on the development of a Hybrid Office Kit-of-Parts for the Bay Area Headquarters Authority – the home of multiple regional organizations – which prioritizes user engagement in its piloting and implementation to support progressive change management goals.  A versatile designer, Kate has also provided leadership in the development of interiors for a number of healthcare and educational projects at Stanford Health Care, UC San Francisco, and the Marin Jewish Community Center.


Favorite Pastime:

Mid Century house hunting in Palm Springs