A Message to our Friends and Collaborators

By TEF / March 17, 2020
At TEF, our mission is to empower community. Amidst the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, this remains our focus as we prioritize the health and well-being of our staff, clients, collaborators, and the region. 
Starting today, and in accordance with CDC guidelines and the City and County of San Francisco’s Shelter-In-Place Ordinance, all TEF staff will be working remotely from home. Our commitment to supporting you and your projects remain unchanged and uninterrupted. Resiliency planning over the past several weeks enables us to support continuous communication and workflow – including online conferencing and design documentation – as we leverage our talent to find creative solutions to an unpredictable time. The entire TEF team is reachable via phone and email at the same contact information you already have.  
We are reassured by the social solidarity emerging from this crisis and look forward to continuing our work with you.
- The Principals at TEF Design