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Bobbie Fisch, CID

Consulting Principal

Thoughtful, thorough, and always prepared, Bobbie is a programming and interior design specialist recognized by clients and colleagues throughout the Bay Area. Her ability to craft cohesive and humane environments that support innovation, transformation, culture and identity has benefitted clients ranging from small, community-based non-profits to national healthcare giants. Her attention to detail, her drive to dive deep, her innate ability to listen with sensitivity and care, and to deftly tease out the common threads from a chorus of voices have led to TEF’s long term business partnerships.  

Bobbie has informed the development of virtually all of our major projects. While diverse, each assignment in her portfolio shares a common distinction: a comprehensive and research-based practice that transcends the complexities of any given project and results in places of authenticity and long-term value.  Notable, award-winning projects include the Golden Gate Valley Branch Library, Hoover Pavilion, and the LEED Platinum San Francisco PUC Headquarters.

Bobbie serves on the Board of Directors for the Joe Goode Performance Group.  A student of ballet for many years, she brings the same discipline, rigor, and effortless elegance to her practice. Bobbie earned her Bachelors of Architecture in Environmental Design degree at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
On new office typologies:
"My approach to design - whether a library reading room, an ophthalmology exam room, or a CEO’s office - is consistent: understand the client’s vision, collaborate to create the right solution, pay close attention to the details - especially the materials, colors and light - and make it a space that is so comfortable you want to linger."
Bobbie Fisch, CID